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5 Tips to Help You Navigate Social Media

The good news is that it is easy to get started using social media for your business, it is super fun, and can open many new opportunities to help your brand flourish and grow. Here are 5 tips to help you navigate the social media waters in a manageable and effective way.

Social Media Tips:

1. Strategy

If you want to stand out online, you’ll need a clear sense of what you want to achieve and how to go about it. Start with forming a strategy for your brand’s social media content by answering these key questions:

1) What business goals do you want your content to help you achieve?

2) Who is your content meant to reach?

3) How can you provide value, beyond your products or services?

4) How can you tell your story?

2. Consistency

To really make social media work for your business, you must develop content consistently. Being consistent builds loyalty and helps people determine whether they want to do business with you. The value, quality, and consistency of your content can set the foundation of your entire business and how you communicate with your customers.

3. Create Quality Content

The best way to successfully market your business on social media has a lot in common with successfully navigating a crowded social gathering. Relax and be yourself. The more your content has a recognizable voice, the more connected your fans will feel. Write the way you would talk. Sadly, your social media content is going to require more than filtered photographs and quotes. So, here’s a quick tip… write about things you love or things you are good at. Create content around your daily life.

4. Use a Social Media Dashboard

Dashboards allow you to schedule posts for all your social media accounts in one place. Having a dashboard helps you keep your content organized

and makes your life a lot easier, especially if you have little time to manage your social media


5. Be Social, Build Relationships, and Tell Stories

Once you have created your content and

published it to one or more of the social media platforms, start sharing your content and have people you know share it too. Build relationships online, ask questions, reach out to others, work hard to tell meaningful stories and approach each piece of content with an authentic passion for what you do.

Successful businesses on social media are building meaningful relationships with their followers, those followers then turn into customers. Continue to focus on who you are writing for and content that supports your goals and main purpose. Always stay consistent and committed and, most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

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